Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service 800-651-1230

  1. When I purchase product online or over the phone How log does it take for me to receive it  ? All orders are processed same day unless is a weekend. Most orders are shipped same day, if order is laced before 10AM PST. People usually receive them in 3-5 Business days. All our orders are shipped USPS and we will send you an automatic email with tracking information once product is shipped out.
  2. How much does it cost to become a Distributor?
    The cost for your Distributor Kit is only $60.00. Your Kit includes a company bag, a T-shirt, a DVD, informational brochures, a catalog, and a product price list. You will also receive two FREE products, a Green Oxygen and an Everlax!
  3. Do you Offer Refunds or Returns: No Company does not offer Returns.
    Please call us if you have a concern we will do our best to make it right for you.
  4. How soon can I start buying products at distributor prices?
    You are eligible to buy product at distributor prices the same day that you buy your Kit. You will receive your Distributor number with your Kit. If you wish to place an order, besides your Kit, we will ship them out together.
  5.  How many days before I receive my Kit and/or my order?
    After paying for your Kit, or placing an order, it will take from 2-3 business days for you to receive it. All orders are shipped via the U.S. Post Office, FedEx, or UPS. Your orders are insured and you will be able to track them online.
  6. How do I place my orders?
    You can place your orders online or by phone with one of our representatives.
  7. What forms of payment are available?
    You can pay with a credit/debit card  If you come to the distribution center you can pay cash or you can use your debit/credit card.
  8. Should I purchase anything else besides my Kit?
    It is highly recommended that you purchase at least Five catalogs if you’re going to be using Healthy People as a business. The catalogs are only $1.50 each and it’s totally worth it.  You should also consider ordering some of the best selling products, that way you’ll have them ready when people ask for them. The best selling products are the Everslim, the Green Oxygen, the Everlax, the Fiber, and the Shakes
  9. Should I purchase a Kit if I only want to use the product for personal use?
    Most people want to try the products first and after they starting seeing results they usually purchase their Distributor Kit.
  10. Once I become a Distributor is there a monthly amount that I’m required to purchase or consume?
  11. The company does not require that you purchase a certain amount of product per month. However, you must purchase $380/month in order to be eligible for bonuses.
  12. If you are not interested in bonuses you just need to make a purchase, of any amount, at least once every three months. If you go more than three months without making a purchase your membership will be de-activated.
  13. How do I get bonuses with Healthy People?
    You qualify for monthly bonuses once you sponsor someone to join the company. You will be paid a percentage of your guest’s monthly purchases, as long as you purchase your $380.00 for that month.
  14. What percentage of my guest’s monthly purchases does the company pays me?
    Healthy People gives you a bonus/compensation of 20% of whatever your First Level guest’s purchase. This comes out to about $76.00 for every $380 that your guests purchase in product. The company pays you for up to seven levels in your down line.  You will get all the details regarding the compensation plan with your Distributor Kit. Please call if you have any questions regarding this.
  15. What if I complete my $380 in a month but my guests don’t, do I still get a bonus?
    Yes you do. You will get a percentage of whatever they purchase for that month.
  16. How are bonuses paid?
    Bonuses are paid on the 15th of the month.  They can be deposited into your bank account or they can also be mailed to you.
  17. Can I sell the product for less than the company’s suggested retail price?
    You are not allowed, under any circumstances, to advertise the product for less than what the company recommends. You can sell it for more if you want, but not for less.
  18. How long has Healthy People Co been in business?
    The company has been in business SINCE 2009 IN USA SINCE 2005 IN MEXICO